Crêpes mania

Hello guys ! After yesterday’s article and my disclaimer about the increasing of the pitiful quality of services especially in restauration I’ve decided to take things in hand, and to cook myself ! During my holidays, the only plate that I’ve enjoyed eating is crêpe. It’s very appreciated in France, and it has crossed the … Lire la suite Crêpes mania


Hello guys ! I know I have not written an article since forever, but I was in holidays. Indeed, I went to the Ile d’Oléron, a little French Island in the Atlantic Ocean, a few miles from the continent. I wasn’t far away, like 3 hours from home, but this break was needed. The hotel … Lire la suite Desillusion

Summer tan

Hello guys ! As the sun is hardly hitting France since the beginning of the week ( the canicule plan has been decreed ), I’ve started to expose myself to UV. Of course not in a dangerous manner, I protect my skin, my eyes and my head, I drink a lot of water or ice … Lire la suite Summer tan